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Slash-AI Agent

Conversational IVR

Replace your touch tone based IVRs with a Conversational IVR,
and smartly repsond to your customer queries using
Natural Language Processing. Integrate your CRMs and ERPs
for Self Service and interact with human like voice quality.

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Slash-AI Agent

Reach out to more
Potential Customers
using A.I.

Automate Lead Qualification, Marketing and Other Surveys
and have interactive Alerts & Notifications with
Slash-AI Agent

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Slash Connect

Enterprise Grade
Experience Platform

Engage with your customers over
multiple channels and have a 360 degree
view of all customer interactions

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Slash Connect

Offered as Cloud, Hybrid
and On-Premise

Get started instantly with our cloud offering
or leverage your existing telecom infrastructure
with an On-Premise deployment

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An Overview

SlashRTC at a Glance...


Number of

125+ Cr.

Company costs
Saved so far

Customers worldwide. Trusted by top Enterprises in the industry. Innovative products to keep up with growing needs of the market.

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Why choose SlashRTC . . .

We understand Customer Communications better than anyone. Backed by industry veterans with great experience and innovative products, we believe to have the best solution for all your Customer Communication requirements


Surprisingly Simple and
Easy to Setup.

01. Slash Connect On-Premise

Enterprise on-premise customer experience platform

The engagement happens in the following steps,

  1. Exploratory Meeting
  2. Scoping and Solutioning based on the business requirement
  3. Hardware sizing and setting up the telecom lines
  4. Deploy, Implementation and Training
  5. Go-Live with hand-holding from a robust support team

02. Slash Connect On-Cloud

Cloud Contact Centre

The engagement happens in the following steps,

  1. Schedule a Product Demo and setup your account
  2. Choose a Virtual Number
  3. Test Drive to make sure it meets your expectations in the trial period
  4. Hand-Holding from a 24/7 Support teamanda dedicated account manager for setting up and getting trained
  5. Go-Live and enjoy the Pay-as-you-Go model with easily scalable solution

03. Slash-AI Agent

Customer Interactions with A.I.

The engagement happens in the following steps,

  1. Setup your account
  2. Choose a virtual number
  3. Define a Conversational Flow
  4. Upload Contacts
  5. Reach thousands of contacts in minutes

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